2018 Wrap Up

Thanks for all of the support for the trails this year! Looking to get in a year end donation to help the Frederick Watershed trails? To donate, follow this link http://www.more-mtb.org/product/frederick-watershed-donation/

So what is happening on the trails? It has been an unusually wet year and some of the trails are showing it. We’ve had small teams of people addressing issues as we can and also dealing with a lot of downed trees due to heavy winds and saturated soils. If you have something to report, use our contact form.

Big projects in the works:
You may recall, we obtained a $30K RTP grant to build new trails in the southern watershed on the east side of Hamburg Road. The plan was to begin construction in summer or fall of 2018 however, MD DNR representatives were unable to perform their field review in spring of 2018. This review took place in September of 2018 and was the first in a series of approvals/steps that must be completed to utilize the grant money and begin construction.

We are now well underway in the process and our new target is to begin work in Spring of 2019. Below is a timeline of recent steps we’ve completed. We have an ambitious goal of doubling our grant money through donations and fundraising. We are approximately 2/3 of the way towards that goal. To donate, follow this link (http://www.more-mtb.org/product/frederick-watershed-donation/), every dollar goes to a special fund for the Frederick Watershed.

Project timeline

  • Trail team finalizes field flagging and submits plans and maps for review 3/19/18
  • DNR Field review of flagged lines – 9/5/18
  • Revised small portion of flag line based on field review – 9/9/18
  • Revised maps and GPX files were sent to State Highway Administration (SHA) reflecting revised lines – 9/10/18
  • City of Frederick signed ROW letter authorizing project – 10/15/18
  • MORE sent signed MOU to SHA – 11/9/18
  • NEPA Review: Fish and Wildlife review letter submitted – 11/27/18
  • NEPA Review: DNR review letters sent – 11/28/18
  • NEPA: MD Historic Preservation letter sent – 11/29/18
  • NEPA: MD Historic Preservation approval letter received – 12/24/18

April Updates

Watershed Trash Cleanup

Annual Frederick Watershed Cleanup

Saturday, April 7 at 9 AM – 1 PM

6010 Mountaindale Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788

Stop by Monocacy Brewing Company after the clean up and they’ll sell you a beer for a penny. Plus The The Trail House, The Bicycle Escape and Bike Doctor Frederick have donated 3 gift cards each to be randomly given to volunteers.

We are picking up trash and you might get dirty, so dress for success! Last year it rained on us and we still had a huge turnout and collect almost 2 tons of trash. See you on April 7th!

Friday PSA

Big thaw this weekend, make smart choices. Watershed trails are tough but they aren’t bulletproof. Respect the trails. If they are muddy, go do something else. Tires, hooves, boots and shoes all cause damage when it’s muddy. Thanks for showing love to the trails!

It’s also Winter Turkey season – January 18 – 20th.


Year End Donation Drive

The Frederick Watershed has long been known as the place to go to test both your skills and fitness. It’s also been home to a large network of excellent but unmapped trails. That’s changing and we need your help. In December 2016 the City of Frederick Board of Alderman voted to implement a revised forest management plan. Included in the plan is a recreation component to formalize, map and improve a trail network for non-motorized users.

MORE was awarded a $30K Recreation Trails Program grant to add new trails in the south end of the Watershed in 2018. We have an ambitious goal of doubling this money through donations and fundraising. We have already received a very generous donation to help us reach this goal. Donate directly at this link, every dollar goes to a special fund for the Frederick Watershed. MORE is a 501(c)3 organization which means your donation is tax deductible in most cases (disclaimer: you know the drill, check with your tax pro, we aren’t offering tax advice here!).

Dig deep if you can, but no amount is too small and every dollar counts. Thanks for supporting the great trails of the Frederick Watershed.  For additional information or questions use our contact form.