November 2021 updates

Hunting Dates

Firearms deer season is starting in the Watershed. There are many types of hunting happening in the Watershed most of the fall and winter. Visit MD DNR to learn about all hunting season dates at the link below. The Watershed is in Region B. There is no Sunday hunting allowed in the Watershed. Below are some of the busiest, upcoming dates:

  • Firearms Deer – 11/27 – 12/11/2021; 1/7 – 1/9/2022
  • Muzzleloader deer – 12/18/2021 – 1/1/2022

Trail Signage Project

You may have seen some sign posts crop up at trail intersections, work is underway to install sign posts and signs in the south portion of the watershed. It’s a slow process hauling materials in and digging holes, so if you would like to help, reach out to

Feeling generous? You can drop coins in the trail fund here:

Pack it in, Pack it out

Please help spread the word about keeping our trails and parking areas clean. There are no trash cans at the Watershed, so take your garbage and pet waste with you. If you can, leave the trails better than you found them. Thanks!

2021 Watershed Cleanup

The Watershed Cleanup day is back. NOTE: YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER. This year’s event organizers will pre-assign volunteers into groups and a specific location within the Watershed so you can go straight to the site to start working. Register here:

Huge thanks to our sponsors: Attaboy Beer, Bike Doctor, Brewer’s Alley, Common Market, The Trail House, The Bicycle Escape, MORE, Frederick County Office of Sustainability and City of Frederick Sustainability! THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

Want to be a crew leader? Got a family or group? You can note those in your registration.

Our last cleanup yielded more than 2 TONS of trash thanks to our volunteers!

Spring 2021 Update

Trails Update
Snow lovers had an epic season in the Watershed this winter but now the big melt off is happening and we are also in the freeze/thaw cycle. Don’t know what the freeze/thaw cycle is? Check this for an explanation.  With warm temperatures more people want to hit the trail, but a little patience prevents trail damage. If trails are wet or muddy then boots, tires and hooves all cause damage. If you are leaving tracks you probably shouldn’t be out.  

Be patient and make good choices, we all will benefit from high quality trails if we avoid wet trails. If you encounter isolated wet areas or mud holes, do not go around them to avoid them, this widens the trail, the proper thing to do is go through the mud and keep the impact to a small area.

Help us spread the word and educate trail users about keeping our trails in good shape!

Hunting Dates

Spring turkey season is coming up 4/17 – 5/24. Visit MD DNR to learn about all hunting season dates at the link below. 

Parking and Trash

Finally, with increased usage comes increased demand for parking. Please park tight and leave room for others, don’t block other cars in and don’t block the roads to traffic. A little respect goes a long way.

Help spread the word about keeping our trails and parking areas clean. There are no trash cans at the Watershed, so take your garbage and pet waste with you. If you can, leave the trails better than you found them. Thanks!

2020 – 2021 Hunting Season

Trail users – just a reminder that it is hunting season in the Frederick Watershed. Firearms deer season and turkey seasons tend to be the busiest, those dates for the Watershed are below but be aware that other hunting goes on most of the fall and winter. There is no Sunday hunting allowed in the Watershed. Visit MD DNR to learn about all seasons. The Watershed is in Region B.

Firearms Deer – 11/28-12/12; 1/8-1/10
Muzzleloader deer – 10/22-10/24; 10/26-10/31; 12/19-1/2
Junior deer hunt – 11/14-11/15
Turkey – 1/21-1/23

Frederick Watershed Trails Update

Info below on:

  • COVID-19 Trail Status
  • Annual Clean Up Day Status
  • Buck Flats Trail Status
  • Catoctin Trail Status

COVID-19 Trail Status

As of 4/1/2020  the following is the official information about Watershed usage.  Per the Governor Hogan’s guidance on the Stay at Home Order, “Please choose a park nearest your home to limit travel”. Frederick Mayor O’Connor issued similar guidance. The Watershed is technically not a park (it’s a municipal forest owned by the City of Frederick) but the sentiment remains the same. Signs like the one below have been posted at the trail head kiosks. All area trails have seen a big uptick in use. Consider going during non-peak times as well as using trails that typically see less traffic. We’ll continue to work to get you the most accurate information about the trails we all love, in a timely manner.

Stay safe, stay local, wash your hands, keep your space when on the trail and allow plenty of room for other people to pass. Working together will help reduce the spread of COVID-19. We’ll continue to provide updates as they are available.

Annual Clean Up Day Status

The Annual Watershed Clean Up Day scheduled for April 5th has been postponed. It may be quite some time before we can reschedule but we’ll let you know when and if it happens for 2020. Local businesses support our clean up and trail work efforts. They are seeing a drastic decrease in business due to the current COVID-19 situation. Please support them any way you can. The Trail HouseAttaboy BeerThe Bicycle Escape and Bike Doctor Frederick are all doing creative things like online orders, curbside pickup/drop off when possible and selling gift cards for future use. The Common Market Co-op is working overtime to keep their shelves stocked. Frederick is an awesome community, support the ones who support us!

Buck Flats Trail Status

You may have noticed some recent “No Trespassing” signs on the portion of the Buck Flats trail just north of Hamburg Rd. The trail crossed a corner of 2 parcels of private property and some trees were dropped to block access. Our team finished clearing a reroute to stay on Watershed property, it should be obvious but look for the flag line. 

Please respect the private property closure. The new trail isn’t anything exciting, but neither was the old segment; the terrain in that area lives up to it’s name: FLAT. We are trail users who adapt, so go with the flow.

Catoctin Trail Status

The Catoctin Trail on the border with Gambrill State Park has undergone some much needed maintenance. Portions have been rerouted and tuned up and old sections have been closed. This section is temporarily closed but will be open shortly. We’ll update our web page and social media accounts when the closure tape comes down and the section is back open.